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Authenticate and Manage Clients, Accounts, Matter Codes, and Users For Billing and Charge back purposes. Implement Data Loss Prevention with over 10 permission based restrictions or even hard quotas with Clinet Billing Option print job accounting for Print Manager Plus.

Perfect for law firms, real estate firms, architectural firms, engineering and consultancy firms.

Print job accounting is an important administrative task which is often overlooked even with the high cost of printing. These days however it need not be a task with Print Manager Plus.

The cost of printing will surprise most and around 50% can be cut using Print Manager Plus for print job accounting. It tracks all print jobs by user, group, department, printer, and logs them all. This then gives the printer administrator a clear picture of who is printing what and when. With over 130 detailed reports, the admin can quickly get his print budget under control.

Not only does Print Manager Plus track, monitor and report on printing, but it also allows for administrator set print rules. These rules can automatically restrict printing. It does this in many ways such as credits which can be topped up. It can restrict printing by number of ages, color and document type.

Print Manager Plus is a versatile, easy to set up and simple to run bit of print job accounting software made by Print Manager.

Gain control of your printing costs now. Track and monitor print jobs with Print Manager Plus. Download the FREE 30 day trial now and found out how easy it is to save money!

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We can guarantee that you will be surprised by the savings even with conservative estimates!